In-house Development

Keynetic Digital initially started as an ambitious technology development project with a team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the digital advertising market.

After years, we launched two unique products thanks to our in-house development team. These products are pillars of a market with clear goals: Scope, Visibility and Presence vs. Conversions and Leads. In order to achieve such goals, it was necessary to identify the means that would let us accomplish them as well as develop platforms with different specific functionalities… And those were the foundations for launching KDSP and KD Leads!

Keynetic Digital/Demand Side Platform

Is a powerful and complete tool that facilitates worldwide access to different media using metrics and advanced options designed for each profile. Our experience provides solutions for agencies and direct advertisers willing to achieve their proposed targets by means of different control panels that control the entire campaign. This control may be carried out either by our team or independently by our customers. Unlike other systems, KDSP can also unify the information of different advertising campaigns used by other systems in order to display the information of Keynetic Digital active campaigns with those being developed by other platforms. This generates a more accurate and unified control of a company’s digital advertising activity. The integration may be performed by API as well as by personalized reporting systems already integrated into the platform, in which a “.csv” file may be easily uploaded to show results immediately.


Transparency and Reliability

Possibility to display all the sites where the campaign appears. Likewise, our technology offers a verification tool of such different sites in order to make sure they are what they claim to be, while excluding any non-human interaction within the site.

Advanced Targeting

Advanced targeting system, from the most basic geolocations to browsers, carriers, operating systems and categories.

HTML5 Creatives

Creatives system that enables the use of simple creatives as well as “tags”, with the option of implementing DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization), with which our sister company “Herolens” will be able to provide an unparalleled service as regards dynamic banners, exponentially increasing the conversion rates and ROI.


Possibility to unify campaigns that are not part of our platform, thus generating control from a unique tool.

User Control

Possibility to create diverse profiles within a company in order to visualize specific campaigns, thus defining what information and data will be displayed at the control panel.

Incidence Logs

For each modification at the campaign’s configurations, both the customer and Keynetic Digital will be able to visualize a log containing all the information in order to know about the development of each event.

Clear Targets

Control panel that allows to display campaigns’ performance in real time and in a clear and fast way.

No minimums

Our company does not have monthly investment minimums

Transparency and Reliability

Possibility to display all the sites where the campaign appears. Likewise, our technology offers a verification tool of such different sites in order to make sure they are what they claim to be, while excluding any non-human interaction within the site.

Exclusive Lead Generation technology

Unlike our KDSP, in which configuration options are highly advanced and its main users are either agencies or customers operating with large budgets and having an extensive market knowledge, KDLeads! allows individuals, SMEs or even sizeable companies (where no experience is necessary) to start with leads generation activities (forms/databases/purchase conversion) in a basic and effective way. This product generates more business scalability while it limits the control panel to the most significant business data or webpage, for example: pages visited, number of clicks, number of completed forms (with their respective information), number of phone calls made from the web and tracking of the interactions between the webpage and its social networks. All this information may be reflected in a very intuitive and user-friendly control panel that is updated in real time according to the activity at our customers’ sites.


Control Panel

A simple and fast display of the most important metrics of the Campaign (Conversions, Questions, Clicks on the web or social network, Visits and Phone Calls from the web).

Campaign Registration and Activation

Simplified campaign creation process that would help your company to appear on the top positions of search engines, without requiring the person in charge of the configuration to be an expert!

Additional analysis systems

In case of having a site analysis system, for example Google Analytics, such information shall be effectively and quickly incorporated to the control panel.

Landing Page

What’s that?

It is a page in which those users attracted by the advertisement and interested in the product finally access to the form and complete the information required. This page is easily developed without any prior knowledge with the assistance of our creation wizard. With the landing page, we make sure that users obtain the relevant information accompanied by a contact form. In this way, we avoid their navigation through the entire website, with the consequent risk of diverting attention and finally leaving the site without conversion. Customers shall create their landing page, based on our pre-established styles, their company logo and personalized texts.

Quality Leads

KDLeads! offers a section where users can access to all queries and questions, with the chance of evaluating them according to the significance of their business. In this way, our team of professionals can adjust active advertising campaigns based on customer’s satisfaction.